Community project - Tenerife August to November 2023

Welcome to the Finca del Gecko
community project in Tenerife from 08/15/2023 to 11/22/2023

A few impressions of the finca and the island

Hello dears,

Laura, Caro and Felix would like to invite you to an adventure. We are starting a community project on our Finca del Gecko on Tenerife near Icod. For three months we will open a colorful community room together where we can connect and create a festival together. The finca offers space for about 30 residents. You can come visit for a few days, or be there from start to finish. We do that at cost price, we share the costs for food, drink, electricity, water, gas, rental car, etc. If this appeals to you, then put your name down on the list of interested parties. We look forward to a great adventure with you.

Laura, Caro & Felix


Phase 1 - 7 days - 08/15/23 to 08/22. Group formation - workshops and getting to know each other.
Phase 2 - 7 weeks - 08/23/23 to 10/12. Community, Island Fun, Workshops, Adventures and Festival Preparation
Phase 3 - 10 Days - 10/13/23 to 10/21. Festival (Examples)
Phase 4 - 4 weeks - 22.10. until 22.11. Community & project design of the finca by 08/2025

Previous Contact Festivals

Contact Festival

You can expect loving and true encounters with many wonderful people, with yourself and with the big picture. Immerse yourself with us in a warm, playful world of unexpected depths of feeling and pure gratitude. Again we will be spoiled with delicious food, an immense variety of workshops, great conversations and physical encounters, meditation, sauna, massage, dance, sharing, music, touch and a never-ending chain of self-chosen challenges. Here you can get fully involved and try out your own workshops. It's going to be a feast for the soul. Spread the word, dive into the river and bring good friends with you...



Here you find a list of the applicants.